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Raw, Unprocessed and Natural Honey...

Our Honey

Welcome to our world of raw, unheated, unprocessed, natural honey.

Our honey is harvested from pristine locations, Ipswich to Boonah, Queensland.

We only harvest honey from the hive when the bees have enough to share, so our stock level of honey depends on the seasons. During winter or drought the stock levels are love as we live honey for our bees to make sure they are a strong colonie and can fight off attacks...




Insect which collects nectar and pollen, produces wax and honey, and lives in large communities.

Our Range

We have only one range of products and that is Raw, unprocessed, natural honey!

We like it simple, the only option you have is to select the size.

250g Jar

Honey Jar

250g of pure Raw Honey in a glass Jar

500g Jar

Honey Jar

500g of pure Raw Honey in a glass Jar

Yummy Honey...


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Please note, that order are for Brisbane and Ipswich QLD region only.


Hard-working, Yellow and Black, Dangerous, Buzzing... that's our Bee's